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ONLY £6.99

This extensive E-book is for anyone with any goal, that wants to transform their lifestyle and body.

The LiftHeavyLiveHealthy E-Book is an easy-to-follow, structured guide of over 100 pages and with handy interactive pages, you will reach your goals in a fast and sustainable way.

Written by Leanne Holder MSc, BA (Hons) this is a collection of knowledge put together from years of working in the fitness industry as well as time working with elite professional athletes.

This value-for-money E-book is packed with the following...

  • Tips for beginners

  • Fitness & Nutrition education

  • Ways to stay on track

  • Glossary of fitness terms

  • How to train for your goal

  • Supplements explained

  • Warm up & Cool downs

  • Body Weight (at home)exercises

  • Weighted (in gym) exercises

  • Progress tracker

  • Food swaps

  • Myth Busters

  • Dealing with insecurities

  • Recipes for breakfast, main meals and desserts

  • Printable resources to track your workouts, meals and weekly schedule!

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